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We recently decided to shop at Meijers again and have since decided we will stick with WalMart. They sent an add stating Tysons Chicken packages would be on sale for $4.99, I found them in the frozen food aisle and picked up 2 packages, when I check out (at the self checkout) they came up $7.99.

My husband went to the person running that section and she said she would be right with us, instead she stood talking to another clerk and my husband had to go after her again. When she came she stated that the price in the ad was wrong and that the $7.99 was correct, she said (and I must say not nicely) it is posted at the front of the store by the door that it was a mistake. The door we came in did not have any post telling us the price was wrong in the ad. There should have been a notice in the freezer section stating the price was actually $7.99 not $4.99.

I feel they should have sold them to me at the advertised price, if not at least the lady should have been nicer about telling me of the error, when I go to the store I don't look around for a notice stating that prices listed in the ad are wrong. Proper notification would have warned people buying them of the error.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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it sounds like maybe you read something wrong. The ad clearly shows the sizing of the packages that are the ones on sale.

To it's highly possible that you just grabbed the wrong size or the wrong brand. It's really surprising that tyson would be that cheap, to be honest, those are rather pricey.

So I'm not surprised that the $8 was right. Just have to read the fine print, and read the tags to make sure you're grabbing the right product.


How was the lady not nice to you?

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