My wife purchased the wrong kind of wine for me and when we tried to exchange it or return it they said it was against their liquor license to accept returns of liquor. She saw Cabernet Sauvignon on the label but did not take notice of the Merlot under the Cabernet Sauvignon.

I get heart burns whenever I drink Merlot and have no desire to drink this wine and my wife cannot drink any alcoholic beverages due to a health condition.

I think that wal mart accepts returns of liquor within 24 hours of purchase. I will have to call them to make sure.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #690046

we I am a meijer team member and it is angist the law to return wine or beer or smokes for any. store. and if wal mart is doing so they are breaking the law.


I work at a service desk and it is illegal for us to return alcohol or tobacco. It says so on the back of your receipt.

You cannot blame Meijer for not returning something they are not allowed to return. It is not their fault the wrong wine was picked up and therefore they do not deserve your anger.

An employee can get fired for returning alcohol. Give it to a friend or find another use for it, but there is no reason to blame someone for something that they have no control over and is not their fault.

Naples, Florida, United States #618114

Some states have a law against it. And no, Walmart does NOT accept returns on alcohol or tobacco.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #614222

use it for cooking and problem is solved>

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