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I have gave Meijer's so many chances to prove they care about their customers but fails miserably many many times. This is just a few examples of what i experienced at a Meijer's in Louisville KY on Hurstborne Ln.

First I had a return several weeks after Christmas. It was a nightmare. One employee working and doing 3 jobs, so the return took over 30 min. She was taking returns, answering the phone and helped another employee on a computer.

Then had to pick up a few items that my favorite store does not carry, bad idea. Out of the 10 items I found 3 price error that totaled about $3. There was one last item with a price error but it was 15 cents and I was tired of pointing out each error and taking lots of time, so I chose to keep quiet. I should not have to micro manage every price. Plus long line, one lane open !! Oh but you can use the wonderful "self scanning", NOT. You get paid you should do the work.

I will never go there again. Terrible customer service and ripping me off, not right. I have informed my favorite store of all the item we buy that they do not carry so we wont have to go to Meijer's again !!

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Ok first off, end the entitlement rant.

Second off, the customer service desk handles everything from returns to phone calls to grabbing items that customers need while checking out.

Etc. Sorry not sorry that someone was doing their job.


Worsted? Baaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Pimento, Indiana, United States #772803

It is not uncommon that people do multiple tasks at once while working. My guess is that you are asked, or do the same in your normal job as well.

However, depending on the time of day that you were shopping I agree that this could be annoying, but if you were shopping at an "off hour," the service desk worker being busy is understandable. Regarding pricing issue, I have never had an issue with an employee, I just let them know that it didn't ring up correctly. Finally the self check out...I personally LOVE the self check-outs at Meijer. In fact, it is one of the main reasons we shop there.

It is one of the only places that you can get paper bags anymore. I am also a fan of bagging my own groceries as the people working the check out lanes, at most stores not just Meijer, no longer understand how to efficiently pack a bag anymore.

It allows me to control how my groceries are packaged for the journey home.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #772705

Customer service and things like accurate prices and open lanes are determined more by corporate dictates than by the local store manager at Meijer. The store managers have been gelded and have little power to do or change anything out of whack.

Meijer has had some really bad management problems for the past few years in their corporate offices.

In some ways they almost seem to want to emulate WalMart. Best to shop elsewhere if you do not like the store.

San Anselmo, California, United States #772654

If your math skills are similar to your language skills, I doubt that you could really know whether you were overcharged or not.


I work there. You are one of our WORSTED CUSTOMERS.


to I see toothless hillbillies Louisville, Kentucky, United States #772656

Ok Hillbillies, worstedest? My point is made, your a prime example of the great work force they have. Wow, what a waste.

to sheilashera1 #772797

I was playing on the original complainants Hillbilly English. Obviously, my sarcasm went right over your head.

Oh wait, you're from Kentucky, as well.

Never mind. :roll

to whoooooooooosh Austin, Texas, United States #772843

Your missing the main point here. Meijer's is a terrible place to shop and have very bad employees.

And again, you are a prime example of it.

You hide behind false names, sarcasm and your location. Take your comments and go back to *** *** EGYPT.

to sheilashera1 #962257

Actually the work force is fabulous.

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