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Accidents can happen any where at anytime. It would be nice to be able to COUNT on EMPLOYEES OF A STORE to be HONEST.

Not just waiting for a customer to drop money or a wallet. UNREAL.

Original review posted by user May 14, 2013

Meijers Toledo, Ohio Central Ave. I had a $20 bill in my hand when I walked in the store, I knew what I was getting.

Went to dog treats and straight to self check out. It's 5:30 am and nobody in the store but me and employees. When I got to the check out my money was not in my hand.

I retraced all my steps three times asking every employee did they see my money, they all said no. Somebody picked it up and did it fast and I will never shop at another meijers store again, I can't deal with dishonest employees.

Review about: Meijer Deal.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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WOw i too dropped mney by the front desk and only waled a few feet away. i saw the emmployee pick it up and he denighed it, it is shame how workers can be like that.

i filed formal complaint but nothing was done and my amount was larger. to the person who said to consider what they make working there) that gives no reason TO STEAL.


Well the fingerpointing and bratty attitude doesn't make anyone want to help you anyway. Consider that Meijer employees have to deal with butthead customers AND managers for peanuts, and try not to generalize.

If someone pocketed your money it was likely either a) another customer you didn't see, or b) an employee you didn't ask.

(Note I said LIKELY. It's more plausible than your blame tale.)

Newsflash: Don't act like a ***, treat people like people and you'll be surprised at how few problems you run into.


Your carelessness is your own fault. Keep the money in your wallet until you check out.

to moesmom Toledo, Ohio, United States #651061

ok lets see how you think when you drop your wallet or money and NOBODY RETURNS IT. THEN you can leave a message here.

to rozeheal Allendale Charter Township, Michigan, United States #666473

not a fair statement. you don't know and you are condemming all Meijer employees,

to rozeheal #703038

Yeah it sucks that you lost your money but guess what life moves on. I have lost money before as well and I didn't point fingers at people around me. At least it was just a $20.

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