Hartland, Michigan
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My friend and I were talking to our friend who was a cashier. We figured it would be alright since his shift ended in 20 minutes and the store was basically empty.

They kindly told us that we couldn't talk to him, so we walked away to the jewelry department to look at stuff for prom. One of the employees walked over to us and asked if we were finding everything ok. We said yes. Then she accused us of stealing earrings, when both of us were looking at the rings.

She then asked if we had jobs. My friend said no and I honestly told the woman that I got fired.

She then started mocking me about getting fired and that pissed me off so much. She left us by saying, "Stay where I can see you guy."

I feel that I was treated like a child and it pissed me off.

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Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #624546

If you're looking at prom stuff, you ARE a child and from this post, you were obviously acting like one and thus deserve to be treated like one.

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