I have shopped at Meijer for at least 20 years. Now I find out that if I have trouble in the parking lot no one will help me because they will loose their job.

What on earth!! We are supposed to help one another in this world. Are you wanting to be just like Walmart and, only think of the bottom line? I have been extolling the virtues of Meijer vs.

all the other stores. Now, some manager fires a greeter for helping a customer by giving him a fire extinguisher!!

The wrong person has been fired. Get rid of that manager.

signed Barbara Broadley

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Grand Haven, Michigan, United States #852108

you must be ***.. Shop at walmart they treat customers way better than Meijer..

If there is any problems in the parking lot or the store they handle it much better than meijer does. I know that my dad has shopped at meijer and was hit by a row of carts by a employee and meijer still has the worker. That worker should of been FIRED.. But since meijer is a union company the union company does not care about customers they just care about getting paid to keep their employees.

I know walmart fires people for hitting a customer. That is a good thing because they want the customer to come back and not have a incident in the store.

Grand Haven, Michigan, United States #852104

UH no you are all are DUMB.. I believe that the employee is suppose to put the fire out not to give the fire extinguisher to the customer..

DUH.. Walmart employees help customers and put it out themselves. They do not give it to the customer.. It is a law in most areas..

In my area the chief of police will fine the store for this reason.. I have no idea why but I think it is ***, but my store has had incidents with customers who had their car on fire but we put it out.

Battle Creek, Michigan, United States #759757

RE Greater fired for helping customer, i.e. putting out a fire!

This is the dumbest thing I have heard of! I agree with the previous comment. The wrong person got fired.

This sort of rigid, bureaucratic thinking gives humanity a bad name. I will avoid shopping at Meijer until this employee is re-instated.

Phil Stewart

to Anonymous Grand Haven, Michigan, United States #852106

what the *** is wrong with you. The employee should of been fired because he did not follow the procedures of the store..

I work for a better company than sucky *** meijer but I know meijer fires anyone for dumb reasons. Like working their for 25+ years and then get fired because they do not want to give out medical stuff and etc. I know many people went from meijer to walmart and enjoy working there..

MEIJER SUCKS and everyone knows it.. This is why Meijer is not #1 in retail and walmart is and they have more stores and more employees than anyone.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #758902

There is more to the story than what you are telling or have been told. There is a possibility that the greeter had been getting into trouble for other things before the incident you mentioned.

If something had went wrong with the fire extinguisher the store could have been held liable. Tell us the rest of the story.

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