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I went to meijers on Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY last Sat. And waited in line over 30mins. For a price check for the people in front of me. I could not back out there were 3 baskets behind me. The Checker was on the phone waiting for a price check, the man waiting for the price check went to the back of the store took pictures on his phone, the line manager came over after I waved at her, I complained to her about not being able to get out she said "he is waiting on a price check" FOREVER.

I called the customer service number and asked to be called. NO CALLED received.

Three days later I called the store and complained to the store manager, she said she would check on it. Probably never will.

I will not go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meijer Manager.

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so you won't go back because someone in front of you wanted something price checked? What even?

Like, you're seriously making a big fuss over nothing. It does take some time to call back to find out the price on an item because the cashier has to call back to the department, the department person has to find it [remember it's a big store and they're looking for one thing], then they have to make sure everything matches up. So it being 5 minutes, yeah that's normal. You're definitely blowing the waiting time out of proportion as it would never take that long.

Might I also ask why you asked the customer service desk to call you in the first place? And also a manager cannot do anything about that? It's just a price check.

Might I ask, where does the earth revolve? Because I'm certain you're not the sun.

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