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i work third shift at a meijer in indiana and i filled out an avaialablity saying i cant work mon tues or wens due to the fact that im a full time student and they figured o well his availability dosnt matter the week of thanksgiving and schedule me to work wens because i dont have school thurs and ontop of that didnt even bother mentioning it to me. Then for thanksgiving they didnt even tell us they were scheduling us to come in at 8pm on thanksgiving until the schedule posted the day before the week started so we all had to cancel plans with out families some family owned and operated company

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Seems to be alot of Meijer employees upset with working conditions, most revolving around covering as cashiers and/or not getting breaks. As a customer of Meijer for the past 35 years I have noticed the gradual decline in various areas of the store, particularly in stocking shelves with products, ensuring there is a price for a product on the shelf, and in a rather shocking lack of cashiers---we have left carts with groceries in the aisle and walked out of the store rather than stand in long lines to checkout.

Sad to say, it's now much faster normally to shop and checkout at Walmart than at Meijer. Whomever is controlling the number of cashiers in Meijer stores is failing big time. In the last couple of years our shopping at Meijer has been reduced by about 50%. It is no longer a place to enjoy shopping.

Luckily, Kroger has now built a huge store in town and seems to be aware that shelves need to be stocked and labeled as well as having adequate cashiers available---they are quick to open lanes as needed. We would rather pay a few cents more per item at a Kroger than put up with the inefficiency now present at Meijer.


This company has went downhill ever since Fred Meijer passed away. Now all they are is an inconsiderate company who no longer care about there employees and only care about the money they are bringing in.

How dare the Meijer Credit Union now charge a $5 a month fee just for having an account with them...regardless if your an employee or an customer. Meijer is so ridicules


It's not like they scheduled you when you weren't supposed to be. And it's not like the new schedule went up at a different time than normal.

You should always EXPECT to work on holidays.

Then if you don't it's a nice surprise and you can make plans. I work here too and while the place has gone downhill in the 2 years I have worked there, you need to realize this is a corporation and that they are going to be open on holidays and that there is a strong possibility you will have to work those days.

to 40sQueen #1077844

I expected to work holidays, however I also expected to make time in a half to compensate for me having to spend a family holiday by myself, as I am a student. The fact that I, and half the other employees, aren't compensated for it being a holiday; while paying weekly union fees is where I have a problem.


do you think you should be excluded from working holidays? I agree with Me .

grow up. you're in retail.

i'm sure you were told about holidays when you started. if you weren't , can you read a contract?


OMG. Grow up.

Really? You think you're going to work for a retailer and NOT have to work hard around the holidays?

Seriously?? You are delusional.

to Me #616508

It's obvious you work for the company and are trying to do damage control. Which I understand completely, but the fact of the matter is Meijer is a conglomerate / corporation masquerading as a family owned and operated company interested in the core values which act as little more than a marketing campaign.

I have been with the company for a long time and I have watched the downward spiral when it comes to treating employees with dignity and respect, especially since Fred passed away last year. Hank and Doug are not on the same page as their father, or they are not nearly as involved as they should be with the running of a store that bears their family name. Fred is probably rolling in his grave to see how his company has fallen so far into the capitalist mind set so quickly.

Working hard is to be expected yes, and one should read and fully understand the contract of employment before signing it, there should also be a friendly reminder that if you are unhappy with your workplace environment you pay Union Dues every week. Utilize this service and make your reps earn their yearly stipend.

The ignorance of rights makes working at Meijer just as miserable as the lack of consideration for employee over the bottom dollar by the powers that be.

to Experienced Meijer Employee #666179

I do agree that meijer has gone down some since Fred passed away. Availability sheets mean nothing to TL's.

I had to fight to get them to go along with mine, but there is favoritism as well for others.

My biggest complaint is reduced hours (and days)lately and still expected to get everything done AND RUN the check out lanes, because we NEVER have enough cashiers. I cannot help but wonder if corporate realizes how many of us are constantly pulled to the lanes as the times we are up there are not recorded as cashiers times. So they think all is well and the wonder why the store looks so bad. But now the contract says a clerk is a clerk and it doesn't matter.

Granted the cashiering end is where the money comes it, but our Store Director wants the place spotless and gets mad, but he doesn't get it. We are ON LANES. I ran lanes 1/2 of my shift on Monday. Fashions was tore up pretty bad.

(I work in a rough store)And my co-worker had to be audited for 3 hours and NO ONE was in the department. it was a mess and we had to run like crazy to get it put back together. I was very stressed out when I went home. A lot of people are.

Union doesn't do anything!

I like my job and the people I work with, but this is so out of control.

to Stressed Out Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #705917

I so agree with Stressed Out. We are now running lanes more than ever and I am still expected to get Fashions cleaned up and Conditioned Perfectly.

You cannot do 2 jobs at once. Meijer HAS gone downhill since Fred passed away. Hours have been reduced and yet you are expected to run lanes , sometimes 1/2 of your shift and leave 1 person in fashions and you cannot get it done. Not with your phone ringing, letting many in the fitting rooms, doing price checks at the lanes, helping customers, and getting mounds of returns.

I am so beat today, I don't know which end is up and I am a good employee with great attendance. It IS so out of control! And the Union doesn't help at all. The union is for Meijer and not the employees.

This clerk is a clerk is BS. Dictionary clearly gives separate definitions of a Cashier and a Clerk. Working 700 hours to get a crummy quarter is ridiculous.

I have been there 4 years and am thinking I am going to quit. I can't do it anymore.

to Stressed Out Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #705923

One other thing I did not mention is that we are NOT getting our breaks. Running lanes takes precedent over all else. People have been told to take their break early or called back from breaks early to run lanes. Union says file a grievance but people are afraid of retaliation. And it will happen.

I never (and hardly ever do) get my first or last break. Maybe a 20 minute lunch. This happens MOST of the time.

Ex: Came in at 4:30. Was called to a lane to 4:45 until 7PM.

My co-worker had not had her break as she was alone, so she went to a break, by then it was time for 30 min. break for me, and then she was called to a lane. I took a break at 9:15. That was it for her and myself. Then we find a note on our table sometimes stating we need to take our breaks. WHEN do you want us to do this. We cannot leave the department

uncovered. Then my TL who never works evenings asked to fill formula. I DID NOT have time to do all that. I work in a very rough store. A big nightime store. 10:45 on Friday, 20 people lined up to get checked out! 1 lane open and 1 set of self check out. It was ridiculous. Need more people and cashiers.

Working for Meijer is getting to be similar to a prion camp.

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