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Its not a secret that people are struggling in hard times,and when people counted on deals for meats and other products.

Some brilliant mind within the company decided to only allow a 20% reduced price max on any meat product but rather than give a better price when i asked what do you do with the meat if it dont sell .

I was told they throw it out,this has to be the most wasteful and unthoughtful thing you can do to myself and other committed meijer shoppers.belive it or not people dont shop for fun they shop for deals and you put the fork in us all.

Thanks danny kerr

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20% is the first step, 30 and 40% are the second steps if the product didn't sell at 20%. This really is brilliant because the product may sell without much loss; at a higher loss, higher prices would offset the loss...which is the avenue all retailers (even walmark) have to react upon.

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