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This is what happened to me and my husband..

Instead of just charging us the total they want us to unbag and scan and rebag our groceries ourselves because of their defective card reader. The worst part is the rude lady cashier that blames my husband for the situation and the manager that promised to take care of us then walked away like he doesn't give a ***

We shop each week at the location in Meijer Oswego Illinois on tuesday or wednesday nights. Usually by 8 0r 9 pm we're ready to check out with somewhere around 2 to 300 dollars worth of groceries. Not doing the self check out thing..it doesn't work well with that amount of stuff.

The last few trips have been a bit of a pain due to long lines and only one cashier open.

But tonight, The one line that was open the line was super long. The lady in front of us had card problems..so they sent her to the customer service desk to pay after a few minutes.

The cashier was clearly flustered as she was ringing up our groceries. My wife entered our MPerks and we loaded out bags into our cart. The final total was $250 and change...the card reader prompted me to insert my card, so I did. It went through and prompted me to remove my card...I did. Then it froze up for about a minute and my purchase did not go through. The casheir was clearly flustered, started talking to other staff and said I screwed up the cars reader by not answering yes or no to additional MPerk options on the card reader. This went on for a couple of minutes..a cart full of groceries and a long line of clearly bent out of shape customers. She finally called a manager over and told him I froze up her register..I could still see my total on her screen. He didn't know what to do, after a few more minutes he sent me to the customer service desk to re check out all of our groceries, and told me to un bag everything on the counter and ring it all up again.

At this point, my wife and I stood in line longer than it took to shop, and I finally got fed up with the poor service and treatment. A 45 minute shopping trip shouldn't start to turn into a 2 hour ordeal. My wife and I left our cart right there and left the store without any groceries as we had to get back home to our child.

I used to like shopping at Meijer, but after the last couple of trips I think that our relationship is over.

You better get to work on improving some things before you continue to lose customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meijer Manager.

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