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Today I went in to the Jenison, MI Meijer about 130pm and noticed the manager many times either coming my way, going away, and kept looking at me and my roommate. My roommate is a african american male..iam white female.

Well...they had 5 lanes open and each had 3-4 people in each one. so because i was in a rush i just went to self checkout, i know its 12 items or less...but i've done it before. The manager looked at us then walked where we were about to go, talked to an employee, and walked away and stared at us. As soon as i started sorting my items and my roommates and was taking them out and started scanning an employee had came up and asked to help me.

i declined the offer and she still helped and started scanning things. I felt like she was doing it because they thought I was going to steal something or because my roommate was african american. I have never seen this happen nor been treated this way. The woman working in the area then came to me and said next time she'd need me to go to a lane because those were 12 items or less.

i explained that i knew that and i was in a rush..and she said because of me there was a line of i replied, i would have went to a line if there wasn't 3 or 4 people in each one..maybe you guys should open another one. problem solved. SOOO I left mad and have no intention on going there again. I have NEVER been mistreated that way in the 3 years i have been going there!

I really hope they get their acts together because not only was that rude, every time i go, the food is spoiled or molded. I felt as if they were racist or just pain RUDE and OUGHTA learn to treat customers with respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meijer Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Employees shouldn't approach customers with disrespect, Shouldn't follow someone because of race. OR because of being a minority. Treat everyone with respect and go over the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT rule .

I liked: Location.

I didn't like: Bad management, Constomer service, That the employee was disrespectful, Lanes are never open when busy.

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You are being ridiculous! They aren't being racist because they help you scan your item.

The manager probably ask her to help you so they could get line moving because you were unable to follow proper route. Though you "WERE IN A RUSH". You were disrespectful and could careless about the rules. The customer were waiting on you.

The employee was helping you because she was told.

I bet she "SOUND RUDE" because you didn't like what she did. You are so ***, ignorant, and immature.


She probably asked you if you wanted her to scan her items to help it go faster, using the hand scanner won't set the machine off and make it mad. And because there's a contest that corporate put out, to see who can scan the most transactions on the selfscan.


You seem entitled to life. Do you not think others may also have other things to do as well??

Express lanes are for short orders period. That cashier was in the right to tell you that you need to go to a regular lane!!

Why do you feel like your more important than anyone else? Next time your pressed for time don't go shopping.


You weren't in too big of a hurry to fill your cart, then you're not in too big of a hurry to wait in line just like EVERYBODY else with twelve or more items.


You should learn that you are not entitled to break the rules just because you are in a hurry and got got away with it before.

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