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Good Afternoon,

I recently visited your location in Indianapolis at Pike Plaza yesterday evening. I arrived around 10:30pm & was in search of finding an Xbox location. I chose Meijer because I am a frequent customer, its 24 hours, & I love the convenience with it being so easily accessible.

Upon entering the electronics department, I observed that the controllers were secured with a lock. So I found an associate that was the aisle over & politely asked if he would unlock the controller, & or notify someone to assist me; so I could make my purchase & return home promptly.

The associate, Charlie F., gave an impertinent reply that “the bank is closed, go home unless you have key yourself…I am not getting it”. I had to recollect myself to make sure what I heard was correct. I asked him again, he gave the same response reinforcing to go home & that he was not going to unlock it. I replied, “Sir. How could you not have a key & how can the Electronics Department be locked yet the store is 24 hours? Please call your manager”. He gave me a blank stare & ignored my request, & went back to putting things away. Again, I said “sir, call your manager or a manager so I may speak with them”. He glanced at me then continued to ignore me.

So, I went to the front of the store to seek some resolution. Fortunately, the associates in the front were much more affable & 1 of the ladies educated me that it may not make sense to the customer- but the Electronics department does close early, yet she will call a manager for me. I thanked her.

Very promptly, Slyvester, met me back in the Electronics & apologized for the wait (which he was very quick in coming back & met me simultaneously). He displayed excellent customer service, & unlocked the xbox controller so I could purchase it. Ironically, Charlie F. now wants to come in the aisle he refused to assist me in & just gave a very rude stare the entire time as if I was breaking a law or attempting to steal.

Not only did Charlie ridicule me, he made me felt I was being profiled as his eyes did not leave my location as I viewed to see if there were any other accessories I wanted to purchase that were not locked, as Slyvester took the xbox to the front of the store. I just found it ironic, he would not make eye contact with me or help for any resolution, but when someone else resolved it, & I was minding my business shopping…he now has his eyes secured in my every direction.

It is unfortunate, because I do love Meijer & typically have great experiences & service. Yet, this situation make me reevaluate to shop at due to Charlie making me feel ostracized. Not only was his attitude & customer service horrible, his rude remarks & refusal to contact a manager were totally unprofessional & unacceptable.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. This person is overall dissatisfied with Meijer and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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