I have an incident where my dad was hit by a pile of carts. The employee was pushing carts into the store and hit my dad.

The DUMB employee asked my dad if he wanted to talk to a manager my dad said yes. He went and made a report. The EMPLOYEE still works there.. I think he should of been FIRED..

A employee should NEVER hit a customer especially with carts.. I know many other stores fire the employee for that reason..But since Meijer is a union company, the union company cares about keeping their employee and getting paid BIG bucks..

I have worked for a union company before and they SUCK. They just do not care about anything and care about taking money from the employees!

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I was recently at meijer and am filing a lawsuit. An employee hit me in the stomach with the bag holder that spins.

Mind you I am 37 weeks pregnant which is quite obvious and it left bruising almost instantly. I made a report and spoke with the manager who directed me with corporate who is currently handling my case.

The employee never apologized and also her system got locked out while waiting for another employee to come to checkout and she said it was my fault and that im embarrassing her. I hope all works out for you and your father.

to Anonymous #1045547

And what does this have to do with a cart hitting you?

to ransom #1175702

Wow rude much just saying

Columbus, Ohio, United States #941224

Are you a freaking ***? Seriously, every single Meijer location you go to they have mentally challenged people working as cart pushers.

The store directors have these people out there all day long pushing in carts and cleaning the parking lot. Your *** of a father was probably like most idiots and just thought that he can just be a pushover and do whatever he *** well pleases. News flash to you two morons you will NOT win any type of lawsuit for something like this. I'm so sick and tired of people like you coming into a store and thinking that the employees owe you something.

If it wasn't for people like this you idiots wouldn't have a store to go to. So instead of trying to get someone fired how about you just stop going there all together you low life piece of ***!


Meijer union does not help its employees in any way. Most of the cart pushers are either mentally challenged or 14-15 years old.

it is very difficult to stop a train of 15 or so carts suddenly, you and your dad probably walked in from a blind spot. he was uninjured and the employee did exactly what he should have in the situation. Since no bodily harm was done, you really think firing is necessary for a simple human error? Meijer employees make less than minimum wage and put up with the worst system of rules and regulations.

They also have to deal with self entitled, rude, and irrational customers near constantly. Go push carts for meijer for one weeks and see how your attitude changes.

to Anonymous #860156

I have to say I was not there and my dad was not in a blind spot!.. He was walking out when the person pushing the carts should of paid more attention in front of him and not looking down...

My dad tried to get out of the way and he did get injured. I will NEVER work for Meijer.. their union sucks and yes they do pay less than minimum wage.. I know a few people that worked there before..I worked in a retail store for years and it is not hard to stop 15 carts or more you just have to push light and not fast..

The dude was looking down while pushing.. My dad plans on suing meijer and getting that employee fired. This will teach him a lesson on not to do this again.. But he probably would not be working for another store..

He would never be able to work for Walmart if this had happen their he would be fired on the spot.. Customers injuries is not a good thing.. He was dumb enough to ask do you want a manager..

of course so this would be reported. the kid was not very smart and probably was new or fairly new employee..

to Anonymous #860856

If meijer ever paid less than minimum wage, then they would be in violation of state law! BTW good luck on the lawsuit thing, meijer has MORE THAN one attourney that they use every time they get sued.

to Anonymous #870460

get over your self-entitled self.

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