I could not believe it when I saw a lady bringing a dog in the store. This is a grocery store and I would think that would not be allowed.

I really don't want to buy something on the bottom shelve only to find out that a dog has peed on it. I can understand a service dog but please no pets around the groceries. Leave the pets at home.

If it happens again and I see it I will call the health department. They need to put a sign on the door that states no animals except for service dogs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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avon indiana has a lady who had cancer at one time with a service dog she works in food dept . very unsanitary i will be calling health dept and main office asap . the manager scott martin had the nerve to blow up at me just because i asked what the dog was for such b.s


You can call or email Meijer customer service with your complaint. Go to "meijer.com" and find "contact us" or similar and you will find an online form to use or a phone number if you wish to call them.

Regarding your complaint, you can thank your caring government for this. They tell retail establishments to allow "service" and "comfort" animals.

One lady even brought her comfort pig on board an airliner. We are doomed.


The fact that kids can be slobs too is a red herring. It's changing the subject of dogs in stores, especially grocery stores.

We dearly love dogs and have one, but we keep it at home where it belongs. The fact that the store can't question it's status is absolutely ridiculous. Not everyone loves dogs, some people are allergic, some have phobias etc. why should they be subjected to your dog.

Please leave the poor animal home instead of dragging it all over. It's absurd.Maybe poorly trained kids should be banned too, but that's a separate topic.

to ransom #1566147

Keep the children that run down isles screaming yelling etc. away from stores especially the ones that parents ignore! and that happens a lot!

to A well trained animal with a purpose #1567339

Very true!

to A well trained animal with a purpose #1587227

Not sure if you have kids, but continuously taking kids to the store and ignore them is a parenting skill. Kids need to know that despite their behavior, they will not get attention (positive or negative) and that they still need to go to the store.

If parents give them attention and abruptly leave the store or quit taking them to the store, they will never learn!

So although it is disruptive, it is a parenting skill and is vital to the child learning how to behave. It only lasts a short amount of time before the child will learn.


I so agree with you. As many people I know have phobias of dogs (because of previous attacks), and they should be able to shop without having a panic attack! Service Dogs, yes.......otherwise, keep your pet at home!


Some animals are allowed for persons with mental or physical disabilities and are usually identified by a jacket stating the dogs purpose and are restrained, unlike some children who wander around unrestrained and place their germy, grubby hands on anything they can reach.

to albaby #1566148

Very true!


Meijer Employee here. We can not ask anyone who brings a dog into our stores to leave or ask them to remove their dog from inside.

The reason: if the animal is a service animal the owner does not have to prove it. This will get us sued potentially because of such circumstances.

I don't like it either because of lack of training and the accidents that happen at my store in particular. But this is the official reason from a manager.

to Alex #1567337

Alex, Very true. A certified dog will behave in all aspects.

They're trained in said aspects.

I own one. The only store that has given me a problem has been Meijer, imagine that.....


Uhmm your up right because of a dog? Are you kidding me?

Have seen the people that w as l in and out of the store smelling like {{Redacted}} Cloths dirty .. hair all nasty. Kids running around touching all the food and parents dont give a damn. SERIOUSLY...

you girl need to get a life. Dog are in that case cleaner then the people that walk in out there.

*itch please.. smh

to Anonymous #1545724

Excuse me? Are you dead serious or just possess a special type of idiocy?

I agree kids need to be better behaved in the stores but grocery stores are absolutely no place for animals. If you really cannot leave your animal alone, then leave them with someone while you go out and do your errands.

But not everyone wants to go cuddling up with someone's dog. It's not right for people to bring their pets in just because they view them as family.

to Tom #1566150

The next time you have a thaught LET IT GO!

to Anonymous customer #1591648

What's a thaught?


I think dogs should be allowed if they are leashed and trained

to Anonymous #1520310

That's fine...if there's been actual training and the dog is clearly trained as a Service Dog...HOWEVER, most people now realize that these stores can't ask a dog owner if the dog is really a service dog!I have no clue who come up with this idea that you can't find out if the dog is a service dog or not. Just wait though, people will ruin this by lying and saying that their untrained dog is a service dog, and when someone is bitten or mauled by a dog, then and only then will the Michigan Legislature get around to doing something to change the rule, which will make it DIFFICULT for the person REALLY IN NEED of the SERVICE ANIMAL....


Grow up


Dog owners suck.

to Mike #1501491

That’s very offensive. Keep your dumb opinion to your self bud.

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