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I went to the area that sells fresh made chicken,and other products just cooked. I wanted some chicken the lady told that there was chicken out in the isle packaged,i explained i would like to have what was in front of me,in my mind it was fresh i could see and determine how much i wanted.She didn't like my answer and proceeded to tell me about the chicken in packages already.

What this tells me is that she didn't have time for me,everytime i go there this is the impression i get,it's like i am here to cook and don't bother me.I thought the customer was number one,not pushed off on something packaged and i didn't want.That;s also the impression i get from the deli also. If this is what meijer wants it's just plain bad bussiness,and the customer will go away.I like the rest of the store and the people,it's if these people don't like the public they should get another job,it's giving the customer a bad impression.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #660750

It really doesn't matter how fresh or old any of the chicken was, if you wanted what you wanted then you should have gotten it. I work at one of these stores, if I recommend something and you choose not to take that recommendation, then fine.

It's no problem for me. You'll probably end up taking the older stuff because I always give my customers the best!


omg, really? This is how Meijer treats it's customers?

No wonder I hate shopping there.

I don't know where this customer lives, but there has got to be a better place to shop that actually needs your business. This person above either doesn't work at Meijer or does and knows they would lose their job is their supervisor saw this comment, thus they used anon as their name.


Truth is, she is there to cook... perhaps you should have asked how old it was instead of assuming. Assuming is rude. You know you may be a "customer" but that doesnt make you GOD. The employees are HUMAN too and also have wants and desires and needs that go beyond the customers "Give me what i want because I am the customer and i say so"

WE dont care if YOU choose to leave the store. Go to walmart. go to kroger. WE DONT CARE. There are THOUSANDS of people who LOVE meijer, you are LITTLE in comparison!!!! Plus, we get paid by the hour. Your money you spend wont affect our pay.

tl;dr You are not god, stop acting like it.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Maybe she JUST put that chicken out that was in the aisle? How do you know how old it was?

Do you have psychic abilities? In that case, can you give me tomorrow's lottery numbers?

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