I went shopping at the meijer around the corner from my house. I was picking up just a few things to get me through the week until the following weekend for my large shopping trip. I picked up a bag of Cheetos and threw it in my cart. As I was checking out, I noticed there were holes in the bag! Looking at the holes, it was clear some sort of rodent had gotten to it. I understand this must happen from time to time, due to the nature of a grocery store. What I was more upset about was that the worker who stocks the shelves missed it! Better yet, the response I got from the worker I gave them to..."oh... That's nasty, thanks." No I'm sorry...

Needless to say, I will be avoiding this location in the future!!!

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1064021

I am speechless. An apology from the cashier? Are you serious?


you must be blind. from the front there is clearly a hole, and the way they are stocked you could have seen it.

you didnt even pay for them. this is so rare to see anyways grow up


So you are upset because someone did not say sorry to you, seriously you need to grow up and stop acting like a three year old. Yeah these things get overlooked, it could have just happened last night.

They thanked you, you are not entitled to an apology that was not their fault, grow up. It is a shame when adults like yourself act like three year old's. I bet you would not apologize if something was not your fault, get off your high horse and I will say this one more time, grow up you are no longer three years old so stop acting like you are.

I agree with anonymous, looks like you wanted to get something for free. Either that or you were fired from this place.

Biwabik, Minnesota, United States #838277

Why should they say sorry?

Here is a helpful tip for life: every single large store you enter has a bug and mouse problem.

You didn't have to buy it or eat it.

The cashier did what he/she was supposed to do- take it away from you and dispose of it.

The shelf stocker didn't notice it because the mouse was probably on the shelf at night and helped itself there.


Looks like someone wanted to get something for nothing. No one picks up a bag of chips that has that many holes in it. More importantly with all of those holes the chips would have fallen out of the bag!


Why should the cashier apologize? The cashier didn't have anything to do with the problem.

Some of the might do so, but then again they didn't have anything to do with it. The holes could have happened after the item was on the shelf.

As far as that goes some little kid in a cart could have chewed on it while the parent's back was turned and when the parent saw it, put it back on the shelf instead of buying it. I find it hard you didn't notice that many holes in the bag when you put it in your cart.

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