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Why is the deli department serviced by your slowest employees? We waited around 10 minutes once we placed our order for 2 items. One pound of cheese and one pound of chicken. When we first arrived at the deli there was one worker and 3 guests waiting. It took at least five minutes for another employee to show but she was even slower and kept asking me what I ordered and how much etc. I hope this improves. Read more

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Asked for a rain check on the last day of a sale. Was told there were more in back but the person working in that department was too busy to get them. Asked a second time for a rain check or the item and was refused. Customer service desk has never been helpful other than to purchase stamps or money orders and for returns. They don't want to do their job at this store and often don't restock the shelves. I will not shop there anymore. Willing to... Read more

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The employee in Deli is very rude, I seem to catch her there everytime I come which makes me not want to shop in that department when I need to. I shop at Meijer on Holton Rd, the employees name is Andrea Sneed.

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There is a continued pattern of Mperks coupons not deducting the price when scanned at the check out. I went to the self-check out lane today and all 3 of my items were not deducted. !. Asperpure water #4612126258, 2 16 oz. 2.International creamers,#4127101966, and 3.Greek Gods yogurt #7835557025. This Mperks scam has happened to me many many times and I am tired of it It takes between 5-20 minutes to circle around and go through the refund... Read more

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I witnessed a certain blue shirted employee yelling at another red shirted employee infront of another employee and some customers. I believe that if you have a thing to say to your employee (wasn't under her watch) don't do it infront of people. Especially when it makes you and your store look really bad. Plus the poor girl wasn't doing anything wrong. She was wiping her hands of the red meat blood that a customer left on her lane. Read more

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Rude employees inside meijer store worst customer service I will not be back only have one line uscan people fight inside store called corporate numerous times half uscan lanes down anyways never fix problem will not be back ever meijer never send out mailings no freebies been 40 years never sent out one mailing thank you see federal court I will sue billions dollars damages see u in he'll *** all *** Read more

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You had a ad in Sunday's paper that read you had pools that originally were 249.99 on sale for 199.99 So when I went to look there was no such pool.I asked customer service they sent someone to look in the back.After waiting a good 10 minutes I gave the girl my phone number and asked her to call me. When I received the call I was told they had 1 and that was all they ever had .thare would be No rainchecks.So you have 1 pool for sale for the... Read more

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I just returned home after shopping at Meijer and realized there was another mistake on what I was charged for at the checkout by an associate. I first bought my groceries and looked at the receipt before leaving the store since last week when I shopped I was charged regular price on an item that was on sale plus charged for an onion type that was not on sale but it was actually the type that was on sale. She even asked me what kind it was and... Read more

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Been using mperks for about a year now and i havent had any problems until today. Instead of filling my subscription at cvs or walgreens i decided to go with meijer because of the pharmacy rewards. I called mperks to help better explain to me how to use the rewards and i was told the basics. Then got the most upsetting news that government assisted insurance make you ineligible for the pharmacy rewards which is nowhere on the app about it when i... Read more

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*** broke and now i got dis dumb *** kid and dem niggas wont gimme ma mufukin mony back my mixtape don drop till next month and i need som cash to feed this got dam poopin fool over here u no what im sayin

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