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  • $50.1K claimed losses
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  • Jul 09
  • Food
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Checkout Problems
  • 17

Too many problems to go into detail. Checkout nightmare. Too few lanes open. I do self checkout because the people at the registers ALWAYS make mistakes and overcharge and they cannot count. I asked for a price check and the girl got pissed and cleared the register although we had rang up one third of a grocery purchase of well over 100.00. I started to walk out. I have gotten clothing there that... Read more

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  • Jul 03
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Milford, Ohio
  • Instore Coupons
  • 22

Unusual coincidence. Degree deodorant. Buy one get one free mperks coupon exp. 7/5/2014 released the same day as an in store deal of buy 2 get $2 off instantly exp. 7/5/2014. You'll never get the better deal of bogo because vendor deal of $2 off overrides the mperks offer. Usually it would give you a chance to pick which offer on screen. Emailed Meijer, they said sorry, it happens sometimes.... Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Holland, Michigan
  • Pharmacy
  • 14

I had a prescription filled at Meijer Pharmacy for 20 Dooxycycl Hyc 100 mg. and was charged $99.19. After getting home I did a little research and the going charges at Walmart, CVC and Walgreens was all $54.99. Meijers was the only pharmacy that charges this ridiculous price. Makes you wonder about their other prices. I can see why they dropped the "Why pay more" slogan, it should be replaced... Read more

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  • Jun 28
  • Food
  • Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Cake Decorator
  • 1
  • 35

they were very rude and hung up on me don't visit their business.they are a horrible business. i will never go their again because of the horrible servise(liz) calling me a ***. i hope your proud of losing a costumer that comes in 3-5 times a week. you should really get rid of this liz girl. she is very rude and will make you loss a lot of business. i hope you talk to her about this because she... Read more

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  • Jun 22
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Snellville, Georgia
  • Lottery Ticket
  • 6
  • 30

I bought a lottery ticket at Meijers, I won $100.00 Meijers will not cash the lottery ticket even though I bought it there because its over $50.00 They suggested I take it to Loves. From now on I will buy my lottery tickets and gas at Loves and my grocerys at Wal Mart screw Meijers Also their empolyes can not count to five. I can not believe some of the dumb people that they have working. I am... Read more

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  • Jun 22
  • Food Stores
  • Windsor Charter Township, Michigan
  • Other Product
  • 16

I went online on Saturday to view grand ledge ad and the eckrich hotdogs was 2for 1dollar on it and corn was 10 for 2dollars and then Sunday morning I went to the store to get it and it was 1dollar a pack and corn was 10 for 3dollars and I went on line to view the ad for grand ledge again and they deleted the ad the only stores that get that ad is at Detroit guess what some people in Detroit has... Read more

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  • Jun 20
  • Food Vendors
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Regular White Bread
  • 2
  • 37

We bought regular white bread , it had a rusty metal wire ( about 5-6'' long ) inside , my 11 y/o daughter didn't understand the wire and started eating those breads , once I found out , I was concerned for her. I called Meijer's corporate office , ( grand rapids , MI ) and spoke to Senior management office lady , ( name : Nicole 616-791-5975) and she said she will follow-up with me, I never... Read more

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  • Jun 19
  • Products
  • Greenwood, Indiana
  • Assulted Customer
  • 9
  • 55

I had my purse stolen in the Greenwood, In. Store and the staff handled it very poorly. I felt as if I was the only one looking for my purse because every staff person I asked knew nothing about it. I asked the store manager to call my phone thinking I could hear it ring he said he called it several times turned out he only called it once. After they found my purse a hour later I had $340 and my... Read more

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  • Jun 09
  • Food Stores
  • Southfield, Michigan
  • Deli Department Hours
  • 44

Let me start off by saying that I love the gourmet chicken salad that is available in the deli. My problem is that the Deli hours seem to be 8am to 8pm. Unfortunately these hours make it nearly impossible for me to be able to purchase anything from these areas. This morning I went to the store at 7am, and the employees were at the deli working, and the chicken salad was already out in the... Read more

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  • May 26
  • Professional Services
  • Dress Code
  • 2
  • 54

scolded for wearing shorts. "its against the dress code" -black or khaki shorts, no more than one inch above the knee are allowed- that what my orientation packet said. no short, carpi, or water at my lane. the ventilation is horrible in the store, it gets to 8o and higher easily on a spring day, and with this upcoming summer it will easily get to 90 in the front of the store. we aren't allowed... Read more

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